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Pain Management and Fibromyalgia

Pain Management and Fibromyalgia

Pain Management is a complex and highly individual modality. Our pharmacists and staff work with the Physician, Nurses and patient to develop a care plan for each patient. With over 30 years experience we have treated all types of pain. Premier Pharmacy Labs compounds Topicals and Transdermal creams for Pediatrics and Adults, as well as oral and injectable medications.

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Would you like to attend a FREE patient presentation about the symptoms and latest treatment options for fibromyalgia? Check our seminar calendar for the next presentation date, and reserve your seat today!

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Topical Medications

For patients with joint pain from Arthritis and muscle pain from Fibromyalgia:

These medications are applied directly to the affected area and release medication where it's needed the most, where it hurts.

• Ibuprofen 10-20% Transdermal Gel
• Indomethacin 2-5% Transdermal Gel
• Piroxicam 1% Transdermal Gel
• Lidocaine 1-10% Transdermal Gel
• Bupivacaine 1-10% Trandsermal Gel
• Tetracaine 1-10% Trandsdermal Gel
• Baclofen 1-10% Transdermal Gel
• Methyl Prednisone 1-10% Transdermal Gel
• Lidocaine 10% + Prilocaine 10% Trans Dermal Cream
• Amitriptyline 5% + Doxepin 20% Trans Dermal Cream
• Gabapentin 6% -10 % Trans Dermal Cream
• Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs as Trans Dermal Creams
• Ibuprofen 5% Trans Dermal Gel
• Aspirin creams
• Anti-inflammatory and Anesthetic topicals
• Ketoprofen 10%,Cyclobenzoprine 2%,Capsaicin.05% Transdermal Gel


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